Where We Invest

The science is solid on the benefit of diverse teams. In these uncertain times, we’re looking to fund powerful, complex innovation to solve big problems. Data consistently show that diverse teams are essential to building breakthroughs. We fund the companies that are building the future.

“Inclusive innovation is morally sound, produces better decisions, uses capital more efficiently, and provides better returns.”

Barbara Clarke, Founder & President


Our groundbreaking venture capital and philanthropic fund was founded by Barbara Clarke, one of the most prolific investors in women-led, especially women of color-led innovative tech startups.  When incredible ideas, fantastic founders and cutting-edge companies get the resources they need to succeed backed by a team that takes full advantage of the diversity of human experience — we can build a better future, together. Read more in our investment thesis and diversity pledge.


We share a vision of an economy that emerges from the pandemic to provide greater opportunity and prosperity for all.  We invest in visionary fund leaders that are building a new economy through strategic investments. When we democratize access to capital and put diverse teams in positions of power, we can solve big problems faster and with better outcomes.