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The Impact Seat Research Report series represents the original work of our scientific team made available to clients and the public. We aspire to operate as a bridge to practice by collecting, analyzing and synthesizing ideas, facts, and models that are based in science, valid and reliable.

To illustrate, a research project now in process, Men Who Get It: GENDER, grew from our commitment to recognize the super-size role of white, powerful men in our business world in relation to their potential to act as impactful diversity and inclusion (D&I) allies and leaders. Our experience is that many men want to support efforts for D&I at work, but they don't know how, when, where or with whom.

This understanding led us to design a consulting product, Executive Champions, and from this work we confirmed that there is a lack of role models for men at work and a lot of doubt about how to be effective in building inclusive teams and organizations as a Caucasian man.

Our research agenda on this topic now involves interviewing men regarding their best practices to build inclusive teams and organizations. The forthcoming Research Report, Men Who Get It: GENDER, will outline approaches successful and not successful and the strategies used to effectively promote gender equity in a personally authentic way.

We invite women to nominate a "Man Who Gets It: GENDER" for the interview process.

Please find our nomination form here.

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