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We believe that the publishing industry has a diversity problem that results in the spectrum of published materials not reflecting our diverse business community. The first step we're taking to address this problem is to increase the number and digital availability of women business topic authors, particularly women of color.

At The Impact Seat, we see that publishing practices "gender" the marketing of books authored by women. Using titles, cover design, marketing, and distribution channels that are focused on women consumers primarily, publishers reduce the audience for a book and limit broader market exposure. Furthermore, algorithms used in the on-line shopping experience promote certain author profiles, therefore favoring men over women authors in search results. These gender practices, and others, create a self-re-enforcing system of publishing creation and consumption that puts women authors at a disadvantage, therefore making it more difficult for women business authors to enter the system successfully.

Books are a pathway to exploring ideas more deeply and spreading ideas more widely. We want to see everyone's ideas available to provide the diversity of perspectives that business today needs. The Impact Seat Publishing House is addressing this gap in two major ways.

Author Peer Mentoring Group

Bringing together a group of experienced business people who are aspiring authors, The Impact Seat creates facilitated, peer mentoring groups for members to individually develop, publish, and market a book. In structured, multi-session, online and in-person gatherings, The Impact Seat Publishing House facilitator will guide this small cohort through the process so each member can publish a book in her area of expertise. We bring the tools, strategies, and knowledge, including support for digital and audio options.

Licensing Digital Rights

We are acquiring digital rights to select published books by known authors to distribute them in audio or e-book form. This will keep the ideas current and available to new readers using digital content.

To discuss joining an Author Peer Mentoring Group, or to seek licensing of digital rights to your currently published work, please contact us.

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