As a science-based company, The Impact Seat has built proprietary models, based on our own original research, to assist companies in assessing and responding to diversity and inclusion challenges.

Models help people to conceptualize the relationship of related ideas, processes, and objects whether these involve, for instance, management practices, diversity traits, or system rules. Each of our products has embedded models that give a company, a team, or an individual a vision and language for how various elements are inter-connected – how changes to one element cause changes in others. Models are strategy tools as they allow organization members to share a point of view and as they give management a roadmap for how to realize desired performance outcomes.

The Impact Seat Framework of Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion, for example, was built through researching leading U.S. companies and their efforts to build an inclusive workforce and society. The data show that across all companies there are common practices and innovative practices, and that companies vary in the degree to which D&I practices are embedded in the company DNA. We used this data to build our model categorizing 149 identified practices into three major categories and 19 practice areas. This management framework delivers a comprehensive, strategic tool for analysis and decision-making for any firm.

Access a copy of the The Impact Seat Model of Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion here.

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