The Impact Seat Learning System

What it is.

The Impact Seat System puts all the elements together for companies that want a comprehensive, strategic approach to improving diversity and inclusion practice. It includes a suite of training and coaching modules individual plus some added programming to make the effort truly your own.

Included in The Impact Seat System:

  1. Building an Inclusive Organization
  2. Eliminate Unconscious Bias
  3. Managers and Their Diverse Teams
  4. Team Diversity Diagnostic
  5. Executive Champions for Diversity
  6. Employee Champions
  7. Communication Hive
  8. Diversity and Inclusion Demo Day*

*The Diversity and Inclusion Demo Day brings the participating groups together to showcase what they have learned and identify targets of opportunity for the company going forward. This can be positioned as a full organization online and in-person demonstration and practice session.

The complete program can take place over a quarter, from the kickoff session of Building an Inclusive Organization to the capstone Diversity and Inclusion Demo Day.

How to begin.

  • Has your company conducted other broad-scale programs around a common theme? If yes, how was that organized? Who were the stakeholders?
  • Who at your company is most interested in diversity and inclusion, especially in efforts to hear from all voices?
  • Is there a division at your company that would be a good pilot for this program?

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