Executive Champions for Inclusion

What it is.

The Impact Seat offers a series of confidential one-on-one coaching sessions for organizational leaders to address questions and strategize with the goal of defining a professional development plan to act as an effective diversity and inclusion ally. We see this product as being especially relevant for Caucasian, straight executives and managers who want to amplify their work on behalf of diversity and inclusion but aren't sure how to do so authentically, respectfully, and productively.

Company executives are a key leverage point for diversity and inclusion. Their work has a cascading influence on their team, their peers, on company policy, goals, and routines. They also serve as an external facing spokesperson with vendors, customers, and the public. Inclusion of diverse people in business will be achieved more smoothly and more quickly with effective allies who are willing to exercise their power and influence to promote inclusive innovation. For good reasons (e.g., lack of training, knowledge, skill-set and dynamism in the ally space), Caucasian straight men may benefit from reflection, goal setting, and an implementation plan that is customized to their role and interests.

The goals of the sessions are to:

  • Answer questions a leader might have, perhaps about specific situations.
  • Develop a personal leadership plan consistent with inclusive behavior.
  • Discuss how to integrate strategic goals with inclusion goals.
  • Understand the levers and motivators for diversity culture change.
  • Build an action agenda for implementation over the next year.

We encourage this process in conjunction with the other product offerings such as:

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