Employee Champions

What it is.

What companies have learned from Employee Resource Groups (sometimes called Affinity Groups) is that some employees have a special energy to contribute to making their organizations more diverse and inclusive. Aligning their energy with business goals creates special value-building employee engagement and productivity. The Impact Seat Employee Champions is an online program to connect your organization’s diversity and inclusion advocates to focus on organization or unit objectives. Supported by our Communication Hive, a continually refreshed online portal of curated content, Employee Champions can seed new inclusive practices in the rhythm of the business

Who it's for.

  • Employees with a strong interest in diversity and inclusion can identify the best targets of opportunity to bring change to an organization.
  • Active members of Employee Resource Groups or Affinity Groups could take their work and knowledge to the next level.
  • Employees with extensive experience and tenure at a company are good candidates because they bring important institutional knowledge.
  • Inclusion means everyone, and typically it is people from under-represented demographics who do the most work on diversity and inclusion. We strongly recommend that employee champions reflect a wide range of employees.

How it's delivered.

  • Employee champions are established as small cohorts.
  • On-line facilitator-led discussions are held on a regular schedule over the course of eight weeks.
  • Targets of opportunity are identified by the cohort.

  • Identify those in your company’s leadership team who would be most support of this work.
  • Also identify who in your company, officially or not, is already committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Does your company have Employee Resource Groups or Affinity Groups? Who manages or organizes them?

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