Diversity Diagnostics

The Impact Seat Diversity Diagnostics are a suite of products designed to collect and analyze diversity and inclusion data about your company teams and groups using survey research protocols. Using our proprietary Diversity in All Its Dimensions model©, we can produce an overview of the diversity of a team and inter-related teams, including manager-employee interactions. Our analysis provides valuable information and identifies targets of opportunity to improve inclusion. We work with companies to target key issues of interest.

We have learned:

  • Most diagnostic tools focus on the individual, but diversity is a team characteristic.
  • Teams function better when they manage for the diversity of the group.
  • Diversity is more than demographics. Teams are the sum of the characteristics of the individuals.
  • Our diagnostics can be deployed for specific teams or across divisions or even across a company.
  • Combining the information from the diagnostic with awareness and action improves the functioning of the team.

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