Building an Inclusive Organization

What it is.

It's a day-long program that connects awareness of diversity to action creating inclusion.

Your team will go through a multi-step process:

  • Our facilitators apply The Impact Seat Team Diversity Diagnostic, our proprietary tool developed by our Ph.D. research scientist, to identify dozens of group characteristics.
  • Our facilitators then guide the group through hands-on exercises to understand how bias, power structures, communication and collaboration are all influenced by the diversity dimensions of the group.
  • We explore how real-world application of what's been learned builds on this new awareness. Awareness without action is ineffective and in some cases, harmful.

At The Impact Seat, we believe that everyone can engage in the work of inclusion. Too often, under-represented groups bear responsibility for the work in this area. Our programs are designed to be inclusive and engage everyone, particularly Caucasian, straight men.

How it's delivered.

  • Immersive and interactive.
  • In-person and/or on-line.
  • Not a lecture series.
  • Small working groups.

Our science-based approach.

Our science-based approach, designed by our Ph.D. researcher, focuses on practices that have been studied and are known to work in areas including:

  • The difficult task of changing behaviors: cues, triggers, rewards.
  • Group power dynamics and how behaviors reinforce structures.
  • Learning strategies that reinforce how we retain knowledge.
  • Connecting behavioral economics and biases.
  • Understanding decision-making science to help overcome unconscious bias.

Sample takeaways.

The diagnostic process brings many "aha" moments because the group starts to see themselves more clearly as a collection of experiences, characteristics, functions, and knowledge. This awareness then connects to actions that modify behaviors and ultimately, results.

Outcome examples:

  • Individual participants identify three tactics that they can use to run their next staff meeting more effectively, given their diversity profile.
  • Using decision science, managers re-vamp how they interview new candidates.
  • Individuals leverage bystander training to create a company culture that works for everyone.
  • Leaders re-think how working groups and teams are formed based on the science around diverse teams.

Reinforcing results.

We know from behavioral science that changing habits and patterns is difficult and requires experimentation and reinforcement, so we offer additional products to help this part of the process succeed.

  • The Communication Hive - An online communications platform supporting collaboration, including a collection of curated, targeted content to support the development of more inclusive behaviors. Note that this is not a library of academic papers; rather, a continually enriched knowledge bank of short, actionable pieces of information. The Hive bridges management science with applied practices. Learn more.
  • Managers and Their Diverse Teams - For managers who want to take their work to the next level, we offer a more targeted approach that focuses on the specific characteristics and needs of their team. Learn more.

How to begin.

  • Identify members of your company's leadership team who are most supportive of this work.
  • Think about existing opportunities - scheduled training, retreats, reorganization plans - to introduce diversity and inclusion as a leadership training opportunity.
  • Review what your company is currently doing to build diversity and inclusion.

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