Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion

A Strategy for Diversity: Our Framework

Strategy can make or break a company. The fundamentals of strategy are to know 1) who you are, 2) what you want, and 3) what resources and capabilities you have to bridge the gap between your current state and your desired future state.

What we’ve found is that companies know they need a strategy for finance, for marketing, for product development – but for diversity and teams? Not so much. Our research shows that as far as diversity and inclusion is concerned, most U.S. companies who have prioritized diversity and inclusion, have picked up a program or two, or engaged consultants to put programming in place, largely on a piecemeal basis. Perhaps an aspect of diversity caught an executives’ attention, or a group of employees initiated meetings, or human resources or talent management found a resource in their network. That’s how decisions about what to do and when were decided, at the companies most engaged.

At The Impact Seat, we see diversity as a key to inclusive innovation. And innovation is THE company objective in need of a strategy. Getting your people working together, sustainably, and creatively, may just be the most important goal of all. As a result, our research team has created a Framework for Best Practices in Diversity and Inclusion that encompasses 3 prime areas and 19 practice domains.

In a three-phase engagement, we can lead your key players through a series of interviews and exercises and at the end, you will have a diversity strategy targeted to your company, your resources, your goals.

Because we want you to have a strategy, and because we want to get to know your company and share our ideas, we are offering this three-phase strategy consulting product for $4800. And it can be delivered in-person (travel costs in addition) or online. A great deal to get started on building your company’s future for how people and teams can truly synergize around your company’s major objectives.

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