Nominate a "Man Who Gets It: Gender"

One of our current, ongoing research project asks how men, particularly straight white men, work to champion gender equity both internally and externally as an expression of their professional responsibilities.

We believe that "Men Who Get It: GENDER" will develop a knowledge bank that will educate and empower men to see how some of their behaviors (as they have been socialized) are at odds with their values.

We are looking for men who don't want to show bias to women professionally, they work to resolve bias and to actively counteract the bias in the system that stalls women's progress. They've had to change their habits and attitudes and make some uncomfortable shifts. That's hard work - but with a real and meaningful payoff.

Many companies have focused on women's leadership as a primary diversity and inclusion path - and since the needle, at least for top management, hasn't shifted much towards equity, firms are beginning to look for innovative ideas. We have created this project to put real stories in place as a complement to the data and research we have in hand.

Do you know a man who would be a good candidate to be interviewed for this project? Let us know.

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