Men's Work

Diversity and inclusion affects everyone. It builds robust organizations, engaged employees, and satisfied customers. It’s everyone’s business.

Historically, Caucasian men holding most of the powerful positions in business have not been, in general, fully engaged in changing biased attitudes and behaviors about diversity and inclusion at work. Other than those who have shown leadership, this could be because they weren't interested, they thought it wasn't their work to do, they felt dis-invited, or perhaps they just didn't know how to proceed.

At The Impact Seat, we believe everyone has a role in building diverse, inclusive organizations.

Our "champions" program - for executives, managers, and employees throughout the organization - works with men individually and in groups to answer questions, strategize, and build cohorts for effective change efforts.

Why? Because the corporate habit of relying on under-represented groups to "lift their own boats" hasn't worked. While networks of allied individuals create linkages within the company, systemic change in behavior and incentives for change are everyone's responsibility - and particularly relevant for those who hold the power and influence.

This isn't something most people have been taught in business school so training and coaching are helpful to uncover unconscious bias, gather intelligence, and develop a professional strategy to step out effectively. At The Impact Seat, we have a one-on-one executive coaching program to get you there. Read more here and consider our coaching expertise.

Our research is groundbreaking in raising Men's Work in profile and conversation. Our "Men Who Get It: Gender" project, now rolling out through social media and other forms, explores how inclusive practices at work are seen, considered, and enacted by men.

Nominations are open for "Men Who Get It." Please send us your thoughts so we can link to men as role models in corporate diversity and inclusion.

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