Diversity Squared

The Impact Seat concept of Diversity Squared is inspired by biology. When looking at an ecosystem, biologists consider the number of different species and the quantity of each species. The more species there are and the larger the quantity, the richer the ecosystem.

We believe this exponential effect of diversity can be built into the workplace. If a company has groups of people with many types of diversity, and the contributions of that diversity can be expressed, then the results of that innovative capacity will be more than the total of individual elements.

Ecosystems at work are as complex as those in nature. Defining and implementing for diversity and inclusion requires a plan and reinforced execution. At The Impact Seat, we've defined a learning system that can translate diversity to inclusion - and then to performance.

We will work with your team to:

  • Develop a company-wide diversity and inclusion strategy, starting off where you are
  • Build knowledge within the company and make decisions regarding the how and why of the strategic diversity imperative
  • Use diagnostics to establish your start point and measure future progress
  • Implement training programs to achieve inclusion in the rhythm of the business
  • Train teams to higher performance through inclusion principles
  • Measure impact

When companies have a rich ecosystem of diversity, just like in the natural world, they can experience change that makes them more capable internally and in the marketplace.

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