Unconscious Bias

Our brains are designed to make countless judgments, and most of those are made automatically without thinking. It's our biology that pushes judgments and decisions into this subconscious realm. When our brain encounters situations or people that are unfamiliar, it quickly tries to pattern match with something in our memory banks, regardless of whether those patterns are accurate or useful.

Awareness of unconscious bias is not enough to create inclusion.

Becoming aware of one's biases is important, but it is not enough to create change. Awareness needs to be paired with action to make a difference. Research shows that without action, unconscious bias awareness is not only unhelpful but can in fact be harmful. People feel validated and become rooted in their biases and less willing to change.

So how do we add action into unconscious bias training? At The Impact Seat, we focus on changes to behaviors in the rhythm of the business. Depending on the business and its goals, we work with companies to re-design their daily operating practices to remove bias using our Eliminate Unconscious Bias and Building the Inclusive Organization training product and through active bystander training.

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