Our Team

The Impact Seat is a modular team of professionals with extensive expertise in bringing diversity and inclusion ideas and practices into organizations.


Our facilitators provide state-of- the-art in-person and online training with experience in technology, consulting, education, and sales.

Product Development Specialists

Our product development team, led by a Ph.D. in business and diversity and inclusion expert, uses the best and most up-to- date academic sources to create consulting and training that delivers results.

On-line Product Development Specialists

Our online product development advisors come to us with a depth of experience in instructional design and online learning.

The Impact Seat Council
The Principals

Our Message

The Impact Seat offers speakers to contribute and moderate in public and corporate forums on the following topics:

  • Diversity and Inclusion at Work – Thinking Through Your Corporate Strategy
  • Diversity and Inclusion at Work – The Role of Champions and Allies
  • Diversity and Inclusion at Work – Being an Effective, Respectful, and Authentic Ally
  • Employee Resource Groups – What’s Next
  • The Emerging Minority-Majority and its Influence in Technology
  • Your Gay Employees: Building the Value-Add
  • Thinking Beyond Demographic Diversity
  • Making Diversity Work for Teams
  • Diversity Management – What’s In It for Us? What’s In It for Me?
  • Gender and Its Impacts on Commercialization of Science
  • Entrepreneurship: Accessing Entrepreneurial Capital for Women and Other Underrepresented Groups
  • Women High Growth Entrepreneurs and Their Ecosystem