We welcome your application to join The Impact Seat as we bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to companies and their diversity and inclusion efforts through research, training and consulting. Our company is taking fresh approaches to D&I that embraces the social and business case for welcoming employees and their perspectives in; we look to and beyond current structures in action (employee resource groups, unconscious bias training) to move to the next level of behavioral and cultural change.

We sincerely value your experience as a corporate facilitator AND we will consider facilitators to train from a good base of presentation skills. What’s most important to us is that you embrace the philosophy of inclusion of all people and their perspectives and that you have experience as a participant and champion in this realm. We speak from the heart to build authentic transformation experiences for our clients and their employees. We strongly encourage applications across a diverse continuum of age, color, ethnicity, sex, gender fluidity, and ableness.

Thank you for considering The Impact Seat.

Teresa and Barbara


More Details: Facilitators for The Impact Seat

The Impact Seat is a knowledge platform that applies scientific research on corporations and other large organizations to the area of diversity and inclusion management practices.

We are looking to hire independent contracts to deliver our material to our corprate clients. We have two, separate needs based on training settings:

  • In-person, on-site delivery of content to corporate groups. These engagements are typically one-time offerings for clients, but the content itself would be repeatable for different clients.
  • Virtual facilitation of on-line cohorts in a series of sessions. These would be short (averaging an hour) sessions conducted synchronously (live) and in a series over time for each client cohort. Facilitators could be in any geography.

We are accepting applications for either types of position.

Demonstrated skills

  • Ability to facilitate conversations with people in groups on a difficult topic in an engaging, approachable and knowledgeable manner.
  • Ability to handle group dynamics to direct the flow of discussions towards learning objectives.
  • Ability to connect personal stories with the material to model authentic, inclusive behavior.

Essential requirements for facilitators in either setting:

  • Applicant must be passionate about being part of a team developing managerial talent for diversity and inclusion in corporations using a wide idea of diversity to include demographic and other dimensions.
  • Personal experience as a champion for diversity in any setting is a plus.
  • We strongly encourage applications from underrepresented communities to apply.
  • Education: BA/BS essential; Advance degrees and certifications valued.
  • Minimum of five years of professional work experience is required.
  • Professional demeanor.
  • Fluency in English.

Requirements for in-person, on-site facilitation positions:

  • Excellent reputation as an engaging facilitator.
  • Flexible, innovative presenter that can read the crowd and adapt accordingly.
  • Experience delivering third-party content as an independent contractor is desirable.
  • Geography Needs: Our initial market is Greater Boston and we expect to expand in other national markets in 2017-2018.

Requirements for virtual facilitation skills:

  • Demonstrated ability to present and engage an on-line group.
  • Ability to create a highly interactive learning environment for participants.
  • Experience facilitating with platforms to deliver on-line content is desirable.
  • Access to computer, internet and a professional setting in which to conduct the sessions.

Colleagues would describe you as some of the following:

Articulate, creative, dynamic, engaging, intuitive, organized, excellent listening and communication skills, self-confident, strong interpersonal skills, collaborative, diplomatic, continuous and quick learner, customer-oriented, enthusiastic, energetic when required, results-orientated, adaptive.